An old beggar lived across a street for a long time. At exactly mid day, the beggar went into a nearby church for barely 2 minutes and came out.

One day, the church priest wondered why John, the beggar spent barely 2 minutes in church and decided to ask him one day.

“John, what takes you to church for only a few minutes?” asked the priest.
‘sweetly smiling, John moved on. A few days went by and old John feel ill. While in the health centre, John seemed the centre of interest for most patients for he smiled all day long yet with no visitors.
One day, John’s fellow patients asked him why he smiled all day long.
Continuously smiling, he told them he had a regular visitor. This left many of them wondering whether John wasn’t simply dreaming about some invisible visitor.

A few days later, John left the health centre and continued his regular church visits. One day John told the priest that he would enter church, kneel down and say,”It’s James, and while in the health centre, a man always came to John and say,”John, It’s JESUS.”
The regular visitor was JESUS CHRIST.
Jesus does not require so many words for HIM to be YOURS and your FRIEND, just A FEW WORDS TO JESUS CAN CHANGE OUR RELATIONSHIP WITH HIM


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