What’s all the hype? Is anything special about it? Many have done it, more are getting into it. Why shy away; it’s normal. So I was told the first time I smoked; or should I call it “tasted” shisha since it’s got different flavors; vanilla, strawberry etc.

I tasted strawberry flavored shisha  for the first time courtesy of someone I called “friend”. First smoke seemed cool and next seemed normal. Just as the devil appears in many shapes, colours and sizes so do all these pleasures. First sniff, then next until you feel on top. To be honest all seemed cool until the next morning when I woke up to nausea, and a thorough pounding headache. At first I thought Thor’s hammer was just resting on my head, goshhh; how do people who smoke it daily keep up??

I woke up with all kinds of regrets and curses going through my mind. I kept sipping water the entire day; I kept frowning at whoever I met like they were shisha themselves 😦 . That feeling kept with me for 24 hours (nausea and headache) One day I went back to the Throne of my Loving Father with all the self-condemnation you could think of. To be sincere all was not easy as I kept up with guilt for so many days, then weeks and trust Me that was one of my worst moments in life. At times I looked at my “friend” who had handed me the pipe and all seemed well. I kept asking myself questions, sincerely how does one look so happy after all that crap?? Did I inhale a different kind? Was it expired?

After about 2 months of questions I had to ask my “friend” about the feeling and to my amazement I got one of the most genuine answers ever,,, “Phoebe, do not get lost into this smoking thing, it’s hard to get out of.” Thank You Jesus (Ok that was inside my head)

Point is who is/are your friend(s)?? Do you feel so comfortable around them that however wrong the path you are taking with them is you just keep it “going” to look cool? You just move with the flow to feel on point?

Are you scared of being called “fake”.Hmm

I will not keep it long but what I learnt from that experience is that God’s Love is so overwhelming He will always look out for us. I know most of us know this by heart but do we know the depth of this scripture

John 3:16 (NIV)

16 For God so loved the world that he gave his one and only Son, that whoever believes in him shall not perish but have eternal life.

May we reflect on His love and ask for wisdom and guidance in this walk of life.

Watch the company you keep and never get ashamed of being who God made you to be. HIS CHILD, HIS FRIEND, HIS IMAGE, HIS TEMPLE!! Try to evaluate yourself today.


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