Chill 🙂

We all got that one person who will tell it to you ‘point-blank’; take it or leave it. At times it hurts to the bone then sometimes we may take it lightly. I’m speaking of the “truth”. How often do you come across such people who will do their best to “talk sense into you? How often do we get back to our zones and meditate, evaluate what has been said? Do we just brush it off?? Are our brains so in a rush they feel strained getting calm for a while?? hmm!

One of the best and most point-blank people I know is my beloved Mother – Immy  Alex 🙂 . At a tender age, I would get so hurt when she told me the “hard truth but as I matured, I understood what she always meant when she told me. “You will one day thank me for the tough words I use on you sometimes.” To this day, I get time, get a chair and chill at the back (I mean in my mind) and think about most of the things she told me and boy they were all right. Is she some kind of ‘foreteller (That’s what would get into my head whenever I went through some of life’s lessons she taught me; okay she has gone through the stages am going through so she knows though I had never thought of that.) Hello??

So today as I chill at the back of mind evaluating my life, I realize many of us go through life so plainly we never get a pause-moment” we never stop to check out the bumps on the way. We are so in a rush to “get there” we forget at times it’s not all about just getting through, it’s not all about the hype. At times I think personality has a lot to play in the way we take life, some are extroverts, some introverts and the few like me are Ambiverts. (Yes you read that right)

We all belong to one of those categories; extroverts for instance at times find introverts so boring, antisocial and withdrawn while introverts find extroverts so loud at times rowdy. I’ve been through phases in life, places in life where I get all worked up by people and I also get to a point where I find myself as the point-blank one. To be sincere this has made many keep a distance from me since the “truth is at times hard to swallow.

So back to the point, a few of us find ourselves in between personalities, when it gets to getting your “crazy on”; you fit in and when it also gets to a point of ME time, getting withdrawn or choosing a  book, theatre over a party, we also fit in perfectly. What’s all this??? Are we normal? At times I get to the extremes it scares me. Today I learned to accept life the way God brings it, to be Me, to operate within my ambiverted nature and to take a “pause, a break where necessary.

Life is a road and the earlier we get it, the less frustrated we shall get when people get to our nerves, when people correct us, when people wish well for us but we do not see it. Let’s all take a moment, get to a quiet place in our minds and chill, think, meditate, go slow and open our hearts to the goodness of life; after all as Dido states; Life is for rent! DO YOU, BE YOU, SAY YOU; with God’s help ALL IS WELL! Criticism is part of the journey so embrace it and remember you do not have to react to everything thrown your way. PAUSE!!


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