When I was 16 years old,I thought by my 25th year I would be married haha insane right. Then as I got to my 21st year.. By then marriage to me was a Nay,,, like really take a look at all the weird stuff going on in families. That, I did not want to be a part of. OK may be I looked only on the bad but still we used to have a saying “Getting married at 21 is like leaving a party at 7pm, I mean that’s where all the fun comes in, why get tied down, why start worrying about diapers at that age, why start asking for permission from some guy to stay out late with friends?? All that was in my mind.
OK here I am 26 years old still single, hmmm I won’t say marriage hasn’t popped up again,, it surely does but my point is as I grow up I learn so many things in life and above all from God.

We all get those friends who will ask that dreadful question, why aren’t you married yet? Aren’t you getting into your 30s?? C’mon what rule or verse in the Bible states that ” thou MUST be married before 30yrs” There are also those that will try to “match us” but when it comes to your life at times you gotta be stubborn.
Back to the point, in my view marriage is not an accomplishment(that’s my view so don’t crucify me if it is to you) and then I believe our fulfillment, that contentment should come from God not man! The greatest void in our lives should be filled by God.
To all my single-mates before you give into pressures of friends, relatives, church, work to get married, seek ye first the Kingdom of God, ask him for guidance after all its not compulsory to get married.

Let’s not get it twisted, marriage is a wonderful institution but let’s not abuse it by getting into it because so and so is pushing you.
When the right time comes, you will know.
Will leave it at that that and trust me the past year has taught me to be fulfilled in Christ, to find my identity in him, it does not matter whether married or single I will still worship and praise God in whichever state I’m in.
Dear lady or gentleman, first learn to love yourself before you embark on a journey to love someone else’s daughter or son.
May you find peace at whatever state you are.


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