Someone always says, “Do not check up on them if they never check up on you.” Hmmm that’s logical, right? to some extent I would agree though when I tried to really take the statement in, I got an answer. “That is PRIDE, it kills!”
Okay we all would agree it would be the normal thing, ignore them if they ignore you, tit for tat you know. But then let’s look at it in a different perspective.
Let’s say you were in class , a teacher does her best to teach and at the end of the session, no feedback is given; she walks out of class, then a few minutes later you walked to her desk and asked her about what was taught,, what if she ignored you since in class you also ignored her when she requested for feedback?
Scenario 2 A parent sent you for something at the store, you ignore them (that’s if they aren’t Ugandan lol) then a few minutes later they also ignored you when you needed something… I guess you get it now.
So in life we all got those moments when we hate making the initiative in people’s lives, of course there is always a time for you to let go but make sure it is not out of pride.
I know we all are human but in this case let me bring something to light. At times we find ourselves checking on people who never check on us not because we want to but we know “We have to” . now that’s a case when I would pay more attention.
At times God places people on our hearts because they need our ministry. Your call, text, visit could be the way that person will feel loved on, it could be all they need at that particular moment to go through a situation. One lesson I’m learning is if someone however long we’ve stayed apart or not talked, when I feel a weight for then, I try to check on them.
What if we ask for God’s guidance when it comes to friendships, what if we let go of “Us” and let God use us?
Today I can tell you that “Someone could be your ministry even when you aren’t their ministry.” Let’s get pride off of our shoulders . Get that phone and call up, text, email that person that you feel God has placed on your heart today.
Remember its not all about us. 🙂 What if it’s God speaking?


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