It’s Sunday and I’m excited to be in church once again, not just that normal Sunday, there’s something special about this wonderful day, OK one of my friends who had not been to church in ages I mean in about 15 years decided to “check it out” as she put it.

Fast forward, service starts and as usual pastor says “please turn and say hello to your neighbours” hmmm yeah right do I have to, is it necessary? I mean I got in here said hello to this babe and she threw me attitude” said my friend..Nah, I will not greet my neighbour today.
To be sincere I kept thinking about that scenario for long and bang!! It got to me. So here I am at times not so good at randomly starting up conversations,, do I even really mean it when I am told by the pastor to “greet my neighbour? I’ll admit  I’ve come across people like myself who at times feel unsettled when in church and the pastor may be gives a certain instruction that seems compulsory … OK may not be compulsory but being in church makes it kinda feel like it.. As an ambivert I would like to give my view to whom it may concern when it comes to church. I know I’m a Christian but that should not make me act out of law or act because the guy at the pulpit says so. I know most of us have been brought up so religiously that staying seated when a leader instructed us to stand would feel like some sort of disobedience. I can give you a hint on what I feel many times In such cases. At times I may not lift my hands or stand when the leader tells me to , not because I’m disobedient but because I now know the God I serve, I believe some times he does not require that I lift my hands for my worship to get to him; then there are times when I feel I really need to. So whatever the case, my point is let’s learn to listen from God, no offense to church leaders though, for in many cases they instruct according to Gods voice, but still as an individual take an initiative to communicate with God, get personal with him get to know what he requires of you after all pastors are human too. By the way, I’m not advocating for rebels in church (though in many cases we need some ).

So Mr pastor I guess you will try to understand in case I do not turn to  greet my neighbour when you instruct me to. #MyOpinion


2 thoughts on “Dear Pastor, I do not feel like “Greeting My Neighbour” today,,,

  1. I guess we front our opinions more and our feelings more than what the word of God is saying… Love your neighbor as you love yourself… He didn’t say when you feel like it that’s when u love your neighbor… Why do we focus so much on ourselves and not on Jesus… What’s the work of the spirit in our lives


    1. I hear you Sir clearly…. In my case here, it’s more of if my neighbour throws me attitude, I do not think I can force myself on them because it’s church.
      Though about the work of the Holy Spirit, thanks for the reminder 🙂

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