I posted this in May 2015, but let me re-post for these awesome people I’ve met after 2015 and have made my life awesome. To the wonderful ladies that God has brought my way; that have counseled, listened, cried with me, always been there. 🙂 To you ladies that have chosen to do life with me. To some of the most genuine people God has brought into my life;You are special !

You’re just so special

All you have to do is smile


And instantly,

The clouds simply melt away

To let the sun shine through.


My world’s a happy special place

Because it has you in it.



Whenever things are getting you down

And you’re feeling blue;

Remember how much I care for you.


You make each day seem brighter,

And the sky a deeper blue

Of all gifts I’ve received so precious

There’s none that could compare;

To the joy you bring to my heart.


Would I ask for better?

No! Just thanking God,

For such a special friend.





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