Read this article sometime back and once again it showed up in my mail. So I would love to share it. Got it from Desiring God by Rick Segal.

Some highlights

Separation from the world isn’t really so hard. One could suggest it is a preferred and more comfortable course than engagement with it, especially if your love of God is strong. It is easier in many ways to be not of the world than it is to be in it and not of it.

“If we don’t make unbelieving people a priority, we’ll always gravitate toward the comfort of Christian cul-de-sacs.”

“Rather than lump people into ‘the lost,’ we could begin to take their names before God in prayer.”

Seven Simple Steps to Boost Evangelism

1. Pray for the unbelievers in your life by name.

2. Be intentional in pursuing relationships and scheduling time with unbelievers.

3. Don’t withdraw from unbelieving family members. Lean in.

4. Love your neighbors.

5. Appreciate your workplace as the best place.

6. Harvest relationships from your children’s activities.

7. Take up a new hobby, especially one shared in groups.



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