Oh the Hassle

We got through the daily hassle

With heads laid on a wooden or metallic;

Not so comfortable but a get-used-to bed.

Springy for the privileged few

Oh! Did I mention the little 2 inch mattress?

For once upon a time,

We were all little, innocent, happy;

Well, at least we thought we were.


Ever heard of those communal work tales?

You know the good heart stories

Sharing with neighbours

Almost everything and nothing

From a matchstick or salt to a polythene bag

Oh the times we witnessed!

Let me also tell you about the pretence

That we witnessed daily

The times mothers boiled plain water for a show to neighbours

To prove that there was always food

For they had to witness

They actually had to believe that firewood

Was doing its intended purpose

The daily banana leaves with nothing underneath

The meat soup we had to endure for the sake

The 6 beef pieces for a 12 member family

After all if it’s meaty, it’s meat right?

I would go on and on but well,

That’s life; let’s not get too comfortable.

By – Phoebe N Hannie




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