First Impressions Really Matter- Hospitality at Primate Lodge Kibale Forest National Park

A visit to Kibale Forest National park in Kanyanchu along Kamwenge road led us to the awesome, lovely and cool primate lodge , part of the Great Lakes Safaris Uganda. As the Mazima Adventures Safaris Crew (what we normally call the team) moved about in the western part of Uganda; our main area was the beautiful Fortportal town though as adventurous souls, we decided to move to Kibale Forest National Park.


The distance from Fortportal town took us about 40minutes, on one of the best roads, well labelled with so many humps mainly because the area is habitat for some animals. The views were so natural, fresh and cool. Along the road; a few metres before the national park you come across wonderful flora and fauna, lake Nyabikere among others. As you get towards the park, you get to see some carefree primates chilling by the road like the bosses of the area. Into the park is the Kanyanchu visitors information centre where all information about the tour packages, guides’ can be found, then further inside is the beautiful Primate lodge.

Oh my, the hospitality of staff is just on another level, the cool breeze, the African look is another heaven. There we got a chance to liaise with a wonderful gentleman Wilson , so attentive and patient. He answered all our questions and offered us a tour around the place before we even requested for it. Before we got there we thought it was for only high end customers but interestingly, it caters for all. The cottages are so lovely, cool, so African and named according to some species in the park like Kingfisher bird, Francolin bird among others.


Besides the cottages are luxury tents and a tree house. The cottages are strategically located at some point residents get to see some primates pass by.


Generally, it was a wonderful experience as our friend Wilson explained to us. To be sincere I didn’t want to leave Kibale NP, but well all good things come to an end. Thanks to all that do their best to boast African tourism and the awesome Mazima Adventure Safaris team for the good work




Diaries Of  The Adventure Gal  – Sipi Falls Kapchorwa

It’s really been long since I last wrote, should I say I lost my mews? Not so sure though to be real I’ve had some events happening in this little world of mine. Hmm where do I Start? The most recent adventure I embarked on with a group of awesome strangers that became friends, some business partners and long-time friends.


So we all converged at Watoto church down town and set off on what later turned out to be about 4 hours journey to Mbale town. It was a lovely morning for the Mazima Adventures Safaris crew after a long hectic month. We went through Mukono to the famous Namawojolo where all kinds of tasty meat, gonja and drinks are sold. (if you’ve never stopped by for some Muchomo, you’ve never travelled to Eastern Uganda) After about 15 minutes of refreshments the excited travellers were good to go; we went through Mabira forest to “Najembe that is also known for some tasty meats .


From the start of the journey we had awesome travellers who interestingly got along like they had all come from one family; it was so fun, conversations became communal since everybody contributed which made the journey seem shorter.


Our next stop was Java house Jinja, the lovely strategically located coffee house full of tourists transiting to and from different parts of the country. Here we had some that were ready to grab lemonade or a snack, a stretch after the long journey from Kampala; then proceeded and our ride got more interesting as we passed through different districts and towns like Iganga, Busembatya then finally came to the wonderful Mbale town where we were to spend the night. Here we had some views like the clock tower on Republic Street, the view of Wanale Mountain, then proceeded to have lunch. In Mbale town we had different activities like swimming, steam bath, sauna; enjoyed night life then prepared our feet and minds for the next day’s adventure which was the hike to the 3 breath taking Sipi falls in Kapchorwa district.



Sipi- Kapchorwa

We set off for Kapchorwa on Sunday morning which took us about 45 minutes; while in Kapchorwa we got help from tour guides who led us through communities to 3 magnificent falls on Mt Elgon. The hike was fun, a little exhausting, beautiful green scenery, along the way some precious stones mined from the slopes of the mountain being sold and conversations with some of the residents. During the hike we came across what is called the natural bridge, the natural pool where the water from the falls flows, splashes, makes music, refreshes. It just feels rejuvenating after a long hike.


The 2nd and 3rd falls can be accessed by going through Sipi River lodge and the nice bridge that also gives you a wonderful view (good for camera shots). Here we also came across the Sipi cave a nice rocky view; we had to get into the water for a shower (literally). The feel of the pure water splash is just heaven so prepare to get all wet or a little wet in case you really want to enjoy this trip.We finally headed back to Mbale then Kampala.


For better viewing, it’s better to visit the falls in the rainy season for when the water levels are high, it’s lovely to watch and listen to splashing on the rocks.

A huge thanks to the Mazima Adventure Safaris team, our customers and all who make life happen.


Oh the Hassle – Life stories

Oh the Hassle

We got through the daily hassle

With heads laid on a wooden or metallic;

Not so comfortable but a get-used-to bed.

Springy for the privileged few

Oh! Did I mention the little 2 inch mattress?

For once upon a time,

We were all little, innocent, happy;

Well, at least we thought we were.


Ever heard of those communal work tales?

You know the good heart stories

Sharing with neighbours

Almost everything and nothing

From a matchstick or salt to a polythene bag

Oh the times we witnessed!

Let me also tell you about the pretence

That we witnessed daily

The times mothers boiled plain water for a show to neighbours

To prove that there was always food

For they had to witness

They actually had to believe that firewood

Was doing its intended purpose

The daily banana leaves with nothing underneath

The meat soup we had to endure for the sake

The 6 beef pieces for a 12 member family

After all if it’s meaty, it’s meat right?

I would go on and on but well,

That’s life; let’s not get too comfortable.

By – Phoebe N Hannie



Are You Too Christian for Non-Christians? Rick Segal

Read this article sometime back and once again it showed up in my mail. So I would love to share it. Got it from Desiring God by Rick Segal.

Some highlights

Separation from the world isn’t really so hard. One could suggest it is a preferred and more comfortable course than engagement with it, especially if your love of God is strong. It is easier in many ways to be not of the world than it is to be in it and not of it.

“If we don’t make unbelieving people a priority, we’ll always gravitate toward the comfort of Christian cul-de-sacs.”

“Rather than lump people into ‘the lost,’ we could begin to take their names before God in prayer.”

Seven Simple Steps to Boost Evangelism

1. Pray for the unbelievers in your life by name.

2. Be intentional in pursuing relationships and scheduling time with unbelievers.

3. Don’t withdraw from unbelieving family members. Lean in.

4. Love your neighbors.

5. Appreciate your workplace as the best place.

6. Harvest relationships from your children’s activities.

7. Take up a new hobby, especially one shared in groups.


Should I keep quiet just because I’m a Christian? Even when it hurts

It’s a  Thursday evening, I set my alarm, jump into bed feeling all worn out – fatigued, sore throat, flue and not really ready to work.(I do the night shift) Ring ring,, goes the alarm after what to me seems like 30 minutes but guess what; It’s been a whole 3 hours. I try to lift my head and it feels like someone just hit me with Thor’s hammer; okay let’s try one foot – oh boy did someone just tie me up??

As all these thoughts go through mind, I try talking to God but wait; what should I tell God? Should I cry out about my heaviness, anxiety, pain or approach Him and confess that: “You know what God, I am fine, I do not feel the hammered head, I thank you” As a growing Christian, I know there is a scripture 1 Thessalonians 5:18 that says “ In everything give thanks: for this is the will of God in Christ Jesus concerning you” also one in 1 Peter 5:7 “Cast all your anxiety on him because he cares for you” so my head really kept debating about what to do until I finally got out of bed and prepared for work.

Of late anytime I try to tell someone I feel pain or emotionally worn out (even when they insist I be genuine with them); I get the response, “You are well in Jesus’ name, never say you are sick or tired” and this has led me to a point where anytime I feel hurt I try to talk to God alone; well even when I feel really tired, heavy and need to talk to someone human lol. Anyway back to my point; As Christians, should we really only open up to God even when we feel hurt, weak, worn out? Are counselors God sent – after all what they normally listen to is brokenness, hurt, wounded hearts? Should we only trust God with our pain and keep silent because “All is well” ? For now, let me leave this to you.Evelyn thelevelupblog insanitybytes2 Leighann Eddie S Meagan Lee Maria Alesi Miriam Kyas Brad Watson

Not Really Sin, Not Really Grace

 Okay “…..her sins, which are many, are forgiven, for she loved much. But to whom little is forgiven, the same loves little.” Not really sin, not really grace. There are numerous “little” sins we like to ignore or overlook in the modern world, to rationalize and justify. Things like divorce or gossip or usury, or strife […]

via Not Really Sin, Not Really Grace — See, there’s this thing called biology…


I posted this in May 2015, but let me re-post for these awesome people I’ve met after 2015 and have made my life awesome. To the wonderful ladies that God has brought my way; that have counseled, listened, cried with me, always been there. 🙂 To you ladies that have chosen to do life with me. To some of the most genuine people God has brought into my life;You are special !

You’re just so special

All you have to do is smile


And instantly,

The clouds simply melt away

To let the sun shine through.


My world’s a happy special place

Because it has you in it.



Whenever things are getting you down

And you’re feeling blue;

Remember how much I care for you.


You make each day seem brighter,

And the sky a deeper blue

Of all gifts I’ve received so precious

There’s none that could compare;

To the joy you bring to my heart.


Would I ask for better?

No! Just thanking God,

For such a special friend.




Marriage Is Not the Mission by Greg Morse

Hey people,

This landed in my inbox; great read and reminder here.

“But there are dragons to slay, souls to win, and darkness to fight (in ourselves and in the world). Although God cares about our lonely soul, we strive towards a larger goal. Rediscover the beauty and urgency of the Christian mission over and above marriage.”

The Mission

 But then one night God gently confronted me.

He taught me something so simple, yet so revolutionary: marriage was not my mission. She, in all her glory, was not why I breathed. My life was to be lived for Him, not her. I was commissioned with a higher mission than matrimony.

1.To win souls.

2. To serve Christ’s bride

3. To worship God and enjoy him.

 When Marriage Is Not the Mission

And I found that life works better when marriage was not my mission. I discovered the following benefits.

1. More Contentment in Singleness

2. More Discernment in Dating

 3. More Joy in Living

For the entire article, you can get it here 

Could you be an extroverted introvert?

Do you love people but at times get to a point where company nags you? Do you get excited about the idea of partying but then feel like backing out towards the D-day? Do you like making friends but aren’t bothered when you take 3 months without communicating? Do you normally save your loyalty, energy and love for a selected group of true friends? Are one on one conversations more of your forte than crowd talk? Got you 😉 Guess what you are divided into 2 personalities – you’re an Ambivert…

Landed on an article that describes many people I know, ME inclusive. take a look

just follow it here 12 signs you’re an extroverted introvert by Lee Suckling